The Voice of Water

The Voice of Water

Her skin was sweet as I wrapped myself around her feet in cool jade swirls. She entered with reverence, each step intentional and laden with blessings. I appreciated this, as so many had forgotten, and taken me for granted. Her presence brought clarity of purpose and strength of being.

Although she came through the thick trees to the bank of my river unaccompanied, she held her head high, in a way that made her look like a holy woman rather than boastful. Her feet were intimately connecting with the earth as she placed them gently on her way into my waters. This was a ceremonial day for her… and she was a walking prayer.

Her ancestors knew that it was important to cleanse their bodies, their holy temples with each season. And although this ritual lives in the blood that flows through her, she had only just begun to remember and bring this remembrance back to the waters with her intentional actions.

After centuries of her lineage living in the dark of forgetfulness, her dreams began to speak to her. They trickled through her subconscious, swirling in her blood and stirring her ancestral remembrance. She is remembering herself as a woman made of earth and water, turning the air to prayers and holding fiery passion in her heart. Her eyes sparkle with the light of the night sky, and sometimes those stars speak directly to her, as if she is a cave, opening to be filled with their light.

She is being reminded of her own belonging. This reverent woman not only belongs to the lineage of women who came before her, more importantly, she belongs to the Earth, to the Stars, and to the Mystery.

As the weight of forgetfulness lifts, she continues to be given instructions in dreamtime about how to honor and awaken herself while at the same time honoring the earth and the sacred tender heart of all beings.

So when she ceremoniously dipped into my cool waters to heal and clear her own temple, it healed and cleansed me as well. For her love and devotion drop into my depths as a powerful cleansing medicine. This is the sacred reciprocity that keeps the Earth and all beings in harmonious balance. This is the medicine that will continue to heal the waters and the earth itself.