A Dream of Three Spoons

A Dream of Three Spoons

I had a beautiful dream recently. It was short. In fact, it was probably the shortest dream I have ever remembered. In this dream, there were three wooden spoons. They were all different sizes and the handles were different lengths. That was it. That was the dream…

But that was not the whole story. I immediately awoke from this dream with a sense that this was somehow very important. So I didn’t open my eyes. Instead, I stayed with the image of the three spoons, and I asked: What does it mean?

Immediately it became clear as I saw a vision of myself using these spoons to stir a pot. That’s how I usually receive information – through symbolic images that come with a story. The story told me how these spoons were a gift and when I used them correctly, they allowed me to add just the right amount of medicine to just the right depth.

Often my “medicine” comes in the form of words and metaphors. I could see how using these spoons correctly symbolized the wisdom of knowing how much to say or share and to what depth I need to share it.

Since this dream, I have caught myself almost sharing too much “medicine”. See, if I share too much at once, it can be hard to digest and integrate. But on the other hand, if I don’t share quite enough, then it doesn’t do much good at all.

“The spoons”, as I now call this understanding help me to give just the right amount with consciousness that the words and the amount of information is very different depending on the circumstances. Sometimes just a drop is plenty, like planting a seed. Other times, there’s a harvest coming so there’s more needed in order for the full understanding and integration to occur.

I’ve also been able to take the teaching of the spoons to other areas of my life. And, for example, It comes in the form of these questions: Where are you doing to much? Where are you not doing enough?

Learning to balance these things allows us to step back into ayni, into sacred reciprocity. Please, feel free to use the teachings of “the spoons” in your life. And when we slip, and offer a little too much, or not quite enough… that’s ok too. We can learn quite a lot from that and do a bit better next time.

With Big Love and a pinch of medicine,


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