What people are saying about-



“Have you ever met someone who has such wonderful energy that you feel like you can tell them anything? Colbee is that person. She creates space for you to be vulnerable and honest and holds that space, all while having excellent boundaries.

I had the opportunity to teach a workshop with Colbee and it was a joy. Colbee is a grounded, warm, well-balanced person. She teaches with grace and a relaxed attitude, shows up for others despite her busy schedule and she is an excellent listener. I highly recommend that you book a session with her or attend a workshop, because she is the real deal.”
~ Ellen


“Colbee’s workshops are a game changer!  I have gotten a lot out of every one I have taken.  Colbee’s intuition and grounded guidance helps you to identify big themes in your life, “take stock” of where you are, and make empowered choices moving forward.  Recommended!” 
~ Kathy


“By attending Soaring Heart Medicine’s Numerology in Business workshop, I left with a deeper understanding of where I am in my business right now and it helped me make sense of my current actions.  Which is a HUGE motivator for me to keep doing what I’m doing and now I know why!!!  I recommend this workshop for all business owners who desire foundational clarity.”
~ Satya B., Jacksonville, OR


“Colbee recently facilitated a large Zoom birthday numerology party/event and everyone was impressed with her talent and professionalism. She followed up immediately after the event with a numerology handout. Her Heart Space gatherings are thoughtful and a needed forum during these exceptionally challenging times, especially for women, and mothers. Combining astrology and numerology is a great feat. Being an experienced facilitator in my own work, I’m always amazed by Colbee’s style and direct and yet kind language.”
~ Tara Davis


Heart Space Gathering:

“Colbee’s HeartSpace has been such a gift these last few months. Meeting in sacred space twice a month provides the opportunity for a regular check in to the energy, numbers and stars and how they effect us all. She then guides us through a heart-centered practice that, each time has been so enlightening and powerful it’s provided great insights and guidance to take into my daily life. If you are looking to deepen your personal spiritual practice or just to share a sacred space with others, I encourage you to check out HeartSpace!”
~ Sabrah Maple


Energy Medicine and Transformational Guidance:

“Colbee is a very gifted and heart centered healer. I felt comfortable as soon as I entered her healing space. She is able to listen fully to my issues and ask heartfelt questions. When she started the healing work, I could feel that she was connecting to the Divine Source, as her questions and statements were deeply spot on. I could feel energy shifts during the session and continued to feel the healing work in the days and weeks that followed. I highly recommend her healing work to all seeking deep, soul healing.”

“I was feeling particularly blocked in my career and personal relationships. Having utilized conventional therapy most of my adult life, with mixed results, I decided to go outside the box and scheduled a session with Colbee McManamon at Soaring Heart Medicine. Wow, was I blown away. Colbee addressed the specific issues that kept me running in quicksand emotionally while simultaneously diving so much deeper into long ingrained self inflicted road blocks that have been impeding my outlook and well being for most of my life. Colbee showed me in crystal clear fashion, like no one ever has, how much living in a state of gratitude can transform my entire being and open up new roads that I never thought possible.

While I was genuinely amazed by the results of our initial session, and in awe of Colbee’s innate ability to connect to source, I recognized that for long term integration of Colbee’s transformative philosophies follow up sessions were essential. Luckily for me, Colbee offers very affordable package deals and I got to spend the next month mapping out a clear concrete plan for turning Colbee’s practices into my daily reality.

My work with Colbee has paid very real dividends and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

~Tom Evans, WGA produced screenwriter


“I have struggled with my relationship with food forever! After two sessions with Colbee I learned not how to fight it, but a series of gentle items that required nothing on my part but showing up curious about what was underneath the lack of manageability of it all.

The shift in me has been subtle but profound, but most of all has lasted!

Thank you Colbee for what you do and how you do it!”  



“Colbee has a deep intuitive gift to listen and meet her clients where they are. She has helped me in so many aspects of my life, from “reprogramming” my office space to be more creative and productive, helping me navigate through transitions in my business and assist with insomnia issues. Her gentle approach is a perfect blend of woo woo and science. I don’t understand it, but I do know it works.”



“I have worked with Colbee for years and remember the first time I went to her having zero concept of what Theta healing was, what I might experience, or what the outcome would be. Only that a friend who knew me well suggested that it might help with some long-term emotional baggage I had. I was open-minded enough to see what it was all about but had no expectations because, as I said, I hadn’t even heard of it before.

That very first session, my mind was blown and more importantly, I felt better. I felt that in an hour and a half, Colbee helped me reach issues I didn’t know how to touch, name or feel, and suddenly, I was more aware and could navigate my healing from a stronger place. Over the years, I learned that when I felt stuck, I could go to Colbee and get unstuck. She gently and with no judgment helped me release, identity, detach from, forgive and work with issues, layer by layer.

That is why I did not hesitate when I knew it was time to dig in deep to some recurring patterns and beliefs that kept coming up for me. Colbee offered me a package to do a deep dive over 4 sessions. It felt just right and because of my previous experience with her, I knew it was worth every penny. I also knew the more I was present and trusted in the process, the more I would get out of it. There are not enough exclamation marks in the world to express how much I got out of the 4 weeks and the change I have experienced in myself after each session individually and as a whole. I feel like I just got a lifetime of therapy in one month.

Colbee has an incredible ability to work with her clients with the most open and loving heart, meeting each soul right where they are and with a wisdom that is beyond what our linear minds can find access to on a daily basis. I have had recurring behaviors and patterns that I was aware of but that made no sense in the context of my history or anything to do with my upbringing or development. With some carefully placed intentions, gentle questions, and the ability to access information beyond me, Colbee has opened my eyes to the often asked question, “What is this about?” or “Where is this even coming from?” or “Why is this so heavy and hard for me?”. She has helped me see what I have the ability to change in my life and what simply needs to be healed. She has helped me bolster my self-love and helped me put to rest my “not-enoughness” so that I can break through any restrictions I have placed on myself or that have been placed on me and thrive. I seriously feel better than I have ever felt in my adult life about how I am, where I am, and how I can heal myself so that I may truly find my passion and joy in this life.

In my experience, one session with Colbee is very productive and can help work through issues big and small. I knew I had 3 major themes popping up in my life and I knew they were all tangled together, so the 4-session package for me was the exact deep-dive experience I needed to work through it all. In this way, each issue did not have to stand alone or even make sense on its own. I was able to do a full tune-up all at once and really acknowledge the massive overhaul I was undertaking. It really feels like so many unanswered questions are gone. I feel better and I can not express enough gratitude for this level of healing. It is something I have never found with a traditional therapist, so if this speaks to your heart in any way, listen! There is a reason. It is pure gold.”

~ Kristen Lyon, Executive Chef/Owner


Home Clearing:

“I am a Realtor in the Rogue Valley and have used Colbee on two of my homes that were over 100 years old and were stuck in the selling process. Colbee came to each of the properties and performed her theta healing. She was able to go back into the history of the properties and find the sources causing the property to not sell. In each home she was able to connect with the past owners and/or the negativity of those who lived there in the past and was able to free up what was blocking them. Both homes had offers within weeks of the clearing. Colbee is extremely intuitive and and a professional in home clearing. I highly recommend her.”

~Susan, Realtor