Prenatal, Blessingway and Birth services

To conceive, carry and birth a child is one of life’s most beautiful initiations and rites of passage, for the mother, the child and the whole family. It is my most humble desire to serve you with reverence and grace throughout this transition and birth process.

We all come into life holding some of the karmic and ancestral beliefs of our lineages. I would like to help serve you by assisting in the release of the beliefs and patterns that you may have inherited or created in this lifetime that are limiting to your soul’s growth and your true purpose and authenticity. When these belief systems are cleared in your energy field and in your DNA, it stops the cycle so that they are not passed to your children. Doing belief work in this way, in preparation for pregnancy and/or birth is a huge service and gift to your sweet children who will be coming in to join your family. They will be welcomed with love and reverence for who they are and all they will become. Taking responsibility for your energy, any loose ends and any resistance will also help allow the birthing process to flow with more ease and grace.

Prenatal Services-

Prenatal ThetaHealing or Belief work and subconscious reprogramming (for mom and/or dad)

Numerology of a name

Access Bars and Polarity sessions for energy release and balance

3rd-trimester session when the due date is near
Includes Core synchronism to help ensure the babe is in a good head-down position,
foot bath with reflexology-polarity, and moxa

Energetic home clearing in preparation for new babe and new energy

Blessingway ceremonies

Birth assistance and ceremonial space holding

Welcoming ceremonies

Birth trauma release and postpartum belief work

Please contact me for more information about what services would be a good fit for you.