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“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”  -Albert Einstein

In a Life Path Numerology session we will look at the unique combination of numbers derived from your date of birth and your name at birth. Much like the planets in astrology, these numbers are a representation of the energetic blueprint that you arrived in this life with and can give many insights into your unique abilities, gifts and challenges. Numerology can be helpful when making decisions about career, family, moving, love, relationships and more. Discover more about your greatest potentials and get tools to help overcome your biggest challenges. Up to 6o minutes $125

In a Numerology Life Path and Forecast session, we will also use the numbers to make some predictions about the coming years using the personal year number, as well as the essences and transits. $170 Sessions by phone or in person. Up to 90 minutes $170


**I offer Numerology workshops which are fun and informative events that inspire creative transformation and reveal challenges as well as the gifts and offerings that you and your friends or colleagues have to work with moving forward. If you would like to host a Numerology Workshop or a social Numerology Night contact me at the link below.


“By attending Soaring Heart Medicine’s Numerology in Business workshop, I left with a deeper understanding of where I am in my business right now and it helped me make sense of my current actions. Which is a HUGE motivator for me to keep doing what I’m doing and now I know why!!! I recommend this workshop for all business owners who desire foundational clarity.”   

~Satya B., Jacksonville, OR       




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