Host a Numerology Workshop!


Private Numerology Workshops are a great opportunity to bond with friends, family, co-workers and other groups. These workshops and parties are also great additions or bonuses to your already existing online programs and offerings. Events can be live in your private facebook group, on zoom, or on some occasions- in person. If you are interested in hosting an in-person gathering, please reach out and we can work through the details.
How it works
  1. Contact me and we’ll connect briefly to discuss the dynamics of your group, settle on the appropriate platform, and agree on a date and time.
  2. You will be provided with generic graphics to use to create Social Media posts, Facebook Events and Flyers if desired
  3. Payment or deposit will be made ahead of the scheduled date for the minimum number of attendees
    *by you or your attendees
  4. Registration and zoom links will be shared
  5. We will gather on the event date and enjoy an amazing workshop together
  6. Payments for any additional attendees will be sent if it hasn’t already been taken care of
  7. You and your attendees will receive some follow-up bonuses and reference materials via email


Pricing Options

  • Host a group of up to 10 people for $275, + $25 for each additional person
  • Host a group and allow people to pay individually $30 per person (10 person minimum)
    *If you prefer to host a group where people pay individually, I am happy to provide an EventBrite registration link for you to share
  • If you’d like to host a smaller group there is a $225 minimum for less than 10 people.
  • If you are hosting a group for a non-profit, let’s talk! I am happy to arrange something!
I’m also open if you have other ideas of ways we can work together. Let’s connect!
Hosting Bonus:  As a host, you will receive additional benefits!
  • 10 Guests or More:  50% off of a Life Path Numerology reading and free attendance to an additional workshop
  • 20+ Guests: A FREE Life Path Numerology Reading (value $100) and free attendance to an additional workshop
  • Let’s talk about affiliate rates!

“Colbee recently facilitated a large Zoom birthday numerology party/event and everyone was impressed with her talent and professionalism. She followed up immediately after the event with a numerology handout. Being an experienced facilitator in my own work, I’m always amazed by Colbee’s style and direct and yet kind language.”

~Tara Davis

Host a Workshop


These workshops are great for:

  • Family and friends
  • Business groups or teams
  • A bonus to a program you already offer
  • A gift or offering for your followers or clients
  • A gift for your employees
  • An online social gathering
  • strengthening connections or team building


Participants will walk away with:

  • Their Life Path Number
  • Their Personal Year Number
  • Awareness of the collective energies and cycles
  • Understanding of where they are in the 9 year cycle
  • A plan to align energies and set strategic goals
  • The awareness of their unique archetypes and superpowers
  • The ability to do simple numerology readings for friends and family
  • Tools for using numerology in work, relationships, and life
  • Worksheets and quick reference guides

What people have to say about Numerology workshops:

“Colbee’s workshops are a game changer!  I have gotten a lot out of every one I have taken.  Colbee’s intuition and grounded guidance helps you to identify big themes in your life, “take stock” of where you are, and make empowered choices moving forward.  Recommended!”

“By attending Soaring Heart Medicine’s Numerology in Business workshop, I left with a deeper understanding of where I am in my business right now and it helped me make sense of my current actions.  Which is a HUGE motivator for me to keep doing what I’m doing and now I know why!!!  I recommend this workshop for all business owners who desire foundational clarity.”  ~ Satya B., Jacksonville, OR


Host a Workshop

To host a private workshop, email me and we’ll schedule a time to connect to discuss the details.