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4-week Numerology Course Online. BECOME A NUMEROLOGIST

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Wisdom of Numerology

an interactive one-hour workshop

Discovering the energetic influences of 2022 and your own personal year number will help inspire you to set and accomplish intentional goals and live with more clarity, grace, and alignment. Learn about some of the gifts and challenges that 2022 has for you as well as where you’re at on your path of conscious evolution.


“Colbee’s workshops are a game changer!  I have gotten a lot out of every one I have taken.  Colbee’s intuition and grounded guidance helps you to identify big themes in your life, “take stock” of where you are, and make empowered choices moving forward.  Recommended!”  


During this 90-minute online workshop, we will not only learn more about the collective energies we are moving into, we will also be looking at our own personal numbers and where we are on our own path, and the energies that are available to support us. Working with numerology and the cycles allows people to get familiar with the energies and see the opportunities that are uniquely presenting themselves at this time so that we can be intentional with our choices and strategic with our goals.

“Have you ever met someone who has such wonderful energy that you feel like you can tell them anything? Colbee is that person. She creates space for you to be vulnerable and honest and holds that space, all while having excellent boundaries. 

I had the opportunity to teach a workshop with Colbee and it was a joy. Colbee is a grounded, warm, well-balanced person. She teaches with grace and a relaxed attitude, shows up for others despite her busy schedule and she is an excellent listener. I highly recommend that you book a session with her or attend a workshop, because she is the real deal.”


Participants will walk away with:
  • Their Life Path Number
  • Their Personal Year Number
  • The ability to do simple numerology readings for friends and family
  • Tools for using numerology in work, relationships, and life
  • Worksheets and quick reference guides
  • Awareness of the collective energies and cycles
  • Understanding of where they are in the 9 year cycle
  • 10% off a Personal Numerology Reading

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What to expect

In this 90 minute workshop, you will be introduced to Numerology by learning how to calculate your own Life Path Number and Personal Year Number. Discovering the energies and archetypes of these numbers will help to validate and encourage you by preparing for challenges, noticing opportunities, and revealing superpowers.

There will be time for questions and sharing so don’t hold back- I want you to walk away from this workshop with an embodied understanding of the Wisdom of Numerology. Gather a pencil or pen and a notebook and be ready to do some super simple math (maybe have a calculator handy). Grab your favorite beverage and join us on zoom for a fun, informative, and inspirational time!


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These workshops are also great for:
  • Family and friends
  • Business groups or teams
  • A bonus to a program you already offer
  • A gift for your followers or clients
  • A gift for your employees
  • An online social gathering
  • Strengthening connections and team building

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