Special Offerings

Commitment to Healing Packages

Each package is completed over either a 6 or 12 week period and includes:

  • Numerology Life Path Reading
  • Bundle of five energy medicine/coaching sessions
  • Homework for creative integration
  • 10 Ways to Express Love and Gratitude Daily -PDF
  • Bonus- recorded guided breathwork journey

$650 (save over $100)


Trauma to Tranquility

This package is for those of us who have recently lost a loved one, have ended a relationship, or have experienced sudden trauma and are feeling lost, confused, hurt, angry and/or alone.

  • This series of sessions will help you to regain your energy while looking at your recent experiences with unconditional love and forgiveness and seeing the lessons and gifts that they brought.
  • If you have recently experienced the transition of a loved one, this package will help you experience letting go while at the same time staying connected to your deceased loved ones in a whole new way. Honor their passing and allow their energy to move on without being held back by our personal attachments.
  • Allow your grief to create healing and detach from past relationships in a loving way using several techniques and practices.

In both instances this series will help you to remove limiting beliefs and regain your personal power as we look at ancestral and karmic patterns, soul contracts and shared karma.


Power Up! Career Clarity, Personal Power and Abundance

Feeling stuck in your work or like you are not using the totality of your true potential? If you’ve been feeling like you are unsure what to do next, this series will help hone in on your talents and the special gifts that you have to offer clients and the world.

  • Get clarity about what you really want and what is in alignment with your true passions and purpose.
  • Feel empowered and have more clarity after releasing the belief patterns that have you stuck in a rut.
  • Begin to understand and embody the feelings of personal power, confidence, clarity, self worth and abundance. Move forward with a renewed sense of purpose and passion.


Soul Purpose Activation

Calling all wounded healers, star seeds, visionaries, torch bearers, modern mystics, prophets and magical folk who have an innate knowing that they are meant to be and do more than they have been and are ready to upgrade into their soul purpose and help assist in global healing.

  • This series is for those of us who are feeling called into our highest potential and are ready to be aligned with the higher self and our truest authenticity.
  • Begin feeling more confident using your innate intuitive abilities. Learn to trust your inner guidance system and listen to Creation speaking to you.
  • Includes DNA activations, recovering soul fragments, activating the Heart-Brain connection, cleaning and activating the pineal gland, superpower downloads and clearing limiting belief patterns.


Earth! Energy! Alchemy! – workshop/ intensives

A rich and juicy opportunity to join a small and intimate group of seekers and spiritual warriors in a sacred community to let go, dive in, mine inner gems, and lighten up.

By tapping into the resources of Earth Medicine and Energy Medicine we will create a meaningful experience that shares the magic of collective group work as well as engagement and growth of the individual’s personal journey through private one-on-one sessions.

  • Join a group of women in sacred community
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and energies
  • Awaken the heart and quiet the monkey mind
  • Connect with and develop intuition and other creative superpowers
  • Cultivate practices of sacred reciprocity, mindfulness, self-love and compassion
  • Be part of the solution for personal and planetary healing
  • Become the change you want to see in the world