Cut From Our Roots… Where Do We Belong?

Cut From Our Roots… Where Do We Belong?

We have been cut off from our roots. This is how I saw it….

I was walking along the road coming home. I could almost feel it before I saw it. The giant Grandmother tree that was standing tall in front of our property had been cut down. For some reason the men next door felt like it was their right to cut it down even though it wasn’t on their property. Clearly, it wasn’t their right. This was beyond devastating.

The sudden grief was overwhelming. I wailed as I lay across the stump with my hand at the center, I could still feel the pulse of the tree. This death, still recent, although so irreparable, felt so utterly permanent. Still, I could make out the center rings in the stump. They were pink, they were the beginning of the beginning.

Our beginning. Where did we come from, oh so long ago? Where did we once belong and where do we belong now? We have been cut at our feet though our roots still reach deep. This horrific separation from our roots is what I am now mourning. I want the the wisdom, the protection and the strength of that Great Grandmother tree in my life…

My tears fall creating fertile soil for the seeds of this tree. She is gone, but her wisdom lives on in these seeds of hers. In her DNA. In us. We are here now, to remember. We are the seeds taking root. We are growing now in reverence, scattering new seeds of remembrance to the four directions.

We are disconnected, from our ancestral roots as well as from this Earth. We, made to forget, have traversed lifetimes in separation. But we are being called now to remember. There is a way to remember, and to plant new seeds of remembrance. Seeds that fell from that Grandmother tree, seeds that never had a chance to take root but still hold all the wisdom of those original times. These seeds are still good and they are dropping now into fertile soil.

How often have we felt like we don’t belong here? Here in this world that was clear cut by the men that have no right to do so?