Energy Medicine Monday – Imagination

Energy Medicine Monday – Imagination

“Our world is but a canvas to our imagination.”  -Henry David Thoreau

Some of our very best medicines are tangible tools that we can access in any moment. One of these tools is Imagination. We are using our imagination all day wether we are doing it consciously or not. Often we mis-use this medicine… that is what we call “worry”.

We can use the medicine of imagination to conjure the most magnificent reality or we can use it to torture ourselves with worry, anxiety and our greatest fears of what’s to come.

We have heard “energy flows where attention goes.” Our imagination drives our energy. How often do you ruminate on the worst case scenario? What if you put all that energy into imagining the best possible outcome?

The imagination is meant to be used in the most creative, magnificent way; to help you to create the life of your dreams, to be able to experience what you desire most before it is attracted into your physical reality.

Continue expanding upon your dreams in your imagination until you become so familiar with the experience that you essentially match the vibration necessary to attract it into your reality. That is the medicine of Imagination.