Medicine Dreams Reacquainting the Divine Masculine

Medicine Dreams Reacquainting the Divine Masculine

There is a healing potential. For myself and for many. Anyone who is ready to say yes, and claim it. Anyone ready to come into balance with the sacred divine feminine and the sacred divine masculine.

In the first dream words were simple. The message clear. “Sometimes we just need to be seen. When our wounds and pain are witnessed, we are validated. Here, in vulnerability, healing begins.”

Then, the second dream where we were standing on the ridge, deep and dark feminine waters were below us. The balanced masculine energy was there and he was encouraging our graceful connection to the earth.

The dream:

Standing on a ridge, we had all gathered at the deep waters. We were supporting each other there. The divine masculine was in attendance for the first time. It was deeply comforting and grounding and it felt safe. The presence of a balanced and divine masculine energy helped me to connect to the whole community in a deeper way. I felt a security and a balance that was integral to our collective healing.

The message was in words, and it was simple: Gratitude. Now is the time to cultivate a practice of gratitude.

So, I am now offering Gratitude sessions, because this is the medicine that can bring us back into balance with each other and with the Earth. And, well, because my dream specifically told me to “offer gratitude sessions.”

Sometimes we forget to be grateful, but it is gratitude that heals our inner and outer worlds.
While feeling gratitude and appreciation, it is impossible to simultaneously feel fear, anxiety or depression. Gratitude inspires kindness and kindness is contagious.

Maybe changing the world really is as simple as that.

What does a Gratitude Session look like?

This will be different for each person, but we will focus on cultivating the feeling of gratitude in the heart and anchoring it into the Earth. We will activate the heart-brain connection and reprogram the neural network so that gratitude comes more naturally and more often. Gratitude is our most accessible medicine, so let’s learn to use it well… and be grateful.