Energy Medicine Monday – Practice Gratitude

Energy Medicine Monday – Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude!

What does that mean?

Cultivating a practice of gratitude is more than keeping a daily gratitude journal. When we cultivate gratitude as an exercise from the heart rather than from the mind, it begins to expand our energy and create a sense of ease and grace in our day.

When the feeling of gratitude lights up the heart, it begins reworking the neural network, rewiring our brain, kickstarting dopamine and serotonin and creating a feeling of happiness and contentment.

With practice, gratitude trains the pre-frontal cortex to better appreciate and entertain positive thoughts and deflect the negative ones.

It is important to FEEL gratitude in your heart, rather than just making a mental list. It can be for something simple, like the way the sun shines through the leaves, or the feeling of your warm tea or coffee in your hands. The more we are able to recognize appreciation for the little things, the easier it is to step into gratitude as a way of being.

The more we feel and express gratitude the quicker our neural network will be reprogrammed to allow these feelings in with less effort and more often.

Expressing gratitude and appreciation has been proven to reduce depression, reduce blood pressure, increase energy, and promote higher self-esteem and greater happiness.

Having a thankful heart can also help people sleep better, improve relationships, and improve the overall quality of life.

Gratitude may be our most accessible medicine that can have the most profound effects. That is something to be grateful for!!

NOW OFFERING: Gratitude sessions!!

What does a Gratitude Session look like?

This will be different for each person, but we will focus on cultivating the feeling of gratitude in the heart and anchoring it into the Earth. We will activate the heart-brain connection and reprogram the neural network so that gratitude comes more naturally and more often. Gratitude is our most accessible medicine, so let’s learn to use it well… and be grateful.
Start practicing gratitude now... here’s a few things to keep in your mind and heart:

  • Celebrate minor accomplishments, yours as well as the accomplishments of others.
  • Think about and be grateful for what you have rather than thinking about what you don’t have.
  • Tell people what you appreciate about them.
  • Smile more often, and share that smile with others.
  • Kindness and giving are connected to gratitude, so seek opportunities to be kind.
  • Keep daily gratitude journal, and feel the gratitude in your heart as you write it down.
  • Find new things each day to be grateful for.
  • Give thanks. Saying thank you to others, to the earth and to God expands the energy of the heart and allows you to step into gratitude more often and with more ease and grace.