April 2020 Numerology

April 2020 Numerology

Wow! Just wow! March was a doozy… even with the slower pace and all the opportunities to go within and seek greater truth… the energies on the planet have been reorganizing themselves in such unbelievable ways that it’s been a little hard to keep up. For those of you that were able to slow down, go within and seek greater truth, then April should be a little less trying. If on the other hand, you got swept away in the current of fear, survival-mode, and overwhelm, then you’ll have some catching up to do.

Remember, March was a universal 7 month, and the mystical 7 energy really asks and requires us to slow our pace, go within, deepen our spiritual practices, seek truth through research and science and pay close attention to our intuition. If the unknown caught you too much off guard and created more chaos for you than opportunities to find inner peace then, PLEASE, I urge you to take the first days of April to catch up by doing those things now.

April is a universal 8 month and the 8 energy supports “what goes around comes around,” just like the symbol of the 8 aka the “infinity symbol.” That being said, if you didn’t take any time to do the deep dive into yourself, your beliefs, truths, and Ultimate Reality, then you may not be able to reap the benefits that the 8 has to offer. To fully receive the gifts that the 8 has to offer, we must be balanced between the spiritual and the physical.

The 8 typically symbolizes power, success, authority, money, and abundance. If we do our inner work and work towards our goals without abusing power then we are rewarded with energy and abundance from the Universe. If on the other hand, we’ve been caught up and looking outside ourselves for answers and power/energy… then we still have some work to do. Those who have made others suffer in their attempt to gain or keep power/money/authority may have some karmic debt to pay at this time.

This 8 universal month energy is a collective energy. It’s interesting to witness the economy crumbling, the stock market crashing and so many systems that we thought were a solid foundation – really taken out from underneath of us. Do you think this has anything to do with the fact that the collective (including government, healthcare, economy, infrastructure, etc) has been ignoring and completely disconnected from God/Creator/Spirit/Divine, the Earth, and the Heart?

2020 is a universal 4 year and the 4 is all about foundations… and ours is crumbling. It’s also about boundaries… and we seem to have an abundance of those right now with all of the “social distancing” and rules that are quickly and sadly being accepted as the new normal. However, being that we are in a 4 year… I have hope that we will still be able to build a new foundation. Not necessarily rebuild the old one that was obviously flawed, but to begin to build a foundation that holds all Life as sacred.

However, during April and the 8 energies (4/2020 = 8 because 4+2+0+2+0= 8) we may continue to see the trend of those who have been abusing their own power, money, and success (elitism) to suffer in ways that they haven’t before. Power may change hands and it’s possible that we will begin to see a reset in the “power play”.

Meantime, as global citizens and compassionate beings, we can still take advantage of the Universal 4 year energy and the Universal 8 month energy. Continue to work diligently and with great inner strength to accomplish the goals that you have your heart set on. Readjust if necessary and make sure you are spiritually and morally aligned with your goals. The 8 always reminds us that it’s easy to gain power by stepping on or over others, but true power, success, and energy comes when we lift up the whole.

The 8 energy also gives us the authority to be our own leaders. The 8 does not do so well taking direction and orders from others, so it’s a good time to use discernment, confidence, intuition and your own divine authority to make up your own mind and pursue your own dreams and passions.

April is the fourth month of the year so that brings another 4 into the equation. On the 4th we experienced teh 4-4-4 portal and that energy will continue through the month with the double 4’s and an 8 which is an incredibly powerful and strong energy. The double 4 energy is going to bring us back to those goals we set at the beginning of the year (as long as they still feel relevant and heart-centered) and ask us to work with a great unwavering focus to continue to create our dreams regardless of what may be happening, changing and shifting all around us. May you have great strength and resilience during these uncertain times!