The Alchemy of Transformation Begins with Letting Go

The Alchemy of Transformation Begins with Letting Go

I don’t mean that literally of course. Letting go is a life long practice, however, May is almost over and May has been ripe for letting go. Like fruit that over-ripens on the branch and simply falls away without the need to be picked or pulled. Or, like the chrysalis that has served its purpose, but inevitably needs to be left behind. If it’s no longer needed, let it go.

The alchemy of the chrysalis is transformation. Although the cocoon can be beautiful, cozy, and safe… it’s also a bit suffocating. Quarantining has been a bit like the chrysalis. We’ve become ever so aware of our walls, boundaries, and blockages. Yet, when it’s time to let go, we can only resist for so long until it becomes unbearably uncomfortable. Now is the time to let go.

May Numerology: May is a universal 9 month, bringing endings and completions. It’s imperative to let go of what’s no longer serving you so that you’re able to move into the next chapter unburdened and with more beauty and grace. We can’t stay in our cocoons forever. Embrace the alchemy of transformation. That’s what May has been all about.

The beauty of the 9 is that it is also the wisest of all the numbers because it has been through the full cycle. There is wisdom in knowing when to hold on and when to let go. It matures us to a place where we are able to offer more of who we truly are, and for less selfish ends. We’re beginning to think of the whole and align our actions with what is best for the good of all.

Next month we’ll be collectively stepping into new beginnings. Don’t bring any unnecessary baggage if you can help it. Here’s a helpful hint… an energy medicine session can help to remove any outdated and limiting patterns, programs, and beliefs. And because we’re in a 9 month and this work is more important than ever- I’m offering all sessions at pandemic sliding scale prices. Get in touch.❤️

Additionally, I am happy to announce that I am joining forces with Ellen Schweikert for a live interactive workshop that will help you to release some of those energies that you no longer need to carry. We’ll be using energy medicine techniques in combination with DoTerra essential oils to clean and clear as well as to become more aware of our energy and drop deeper into the heart. Workshop – June 9th at 7pm PDT. If you REGISTER NOW you will get a sample pack of the oils we’ll use in the workshop sent directly to your mailbox!!