BEWARE of 5G wireless!! Get Educated!

BEWARE of 5G wireless!! Get Educated!

Have you heard about the harmful effects of 5G that is on its way to your community? If you don’t know about this it’s worth taking a moment to do some research. And please note: 5G is 5th generation wireless network. (not 5GHz WiFi that shows up when connecting to WiFi as 5G… I know, confusing!) It’s what’s coming next after 3G, 4G LTE etc and what will connect the IoT (internet of everything).

This could be extremely harmful to our health, our environment and of course the bees and our food supply. Some possible heath effects include: headaches, heart problems, lower immune function, infertility and sterility, and cancer.

And why?? For faster downloads of course.

Slow down people. Let’s take care of what’s important. Our children, our communities, our food and our earth. There is a safer way to get good technology- demand it!

Please find out how to get involved in your own community. This 5G is on a fast roll-out plan so we have to act quickly.

Thanks to Shelley Masters for the artwork 🙏🏽