Earth’s Rich Cultural Traditions and Prayer Lines

Earth’s Rich Cultural Traditions and Prayer Lines

This Earth and the people of the Earth hold so many beautiful and rich traditions. I love seeing the beauty and the ways that these paths are much more similar than they are different.

Personally, I feel called to honor both the traditions of the land that has always been my home and to also honor the traditions of my ancestry.

My ancestral prayer lines have always felt far away and out of reach because the trauma that severed those connections was generations and generations ago.

There have been other lines of prayer laid on top of my Origins and all are valid when you get to the core.

The wisdom of this Earth and the elders who have walked upon it with integrity gives us many tools and beautiful ways of connecting and healing.

We don’t have to reinvent the wheel but we do have to feel and know what aligns most with our own personal spiritual path… so that we are in a position to give and receive to the Earth and Creator in Sacred Reciprocity.