Elder Wisdom Wednesday – Maria Sabina

Elder Wisdom Wednesday – Maria Sabina

“There is a world beyond ours, a world that is far away, nearby and invisible.”
This quote by Maria Sabina is such a beautiful description of quantum reality.
Maria Sabina was a Medicine Woman. She sang medicine songs and worked with the Ninos Santos to cure illness. Through her works, she “swam in the immense” and “swam in all forms” locating the illness and helping people to remove it from their bodies.

When the foreigners came to “seek god” by using the medicine, she was discouraged because she knew that the medicine was primarily for healing. In this pop-culture art you can see the man pondering existence from his mushroom stoop.

However, there is a healing process that we’re asked to go through on our own path to God. We live in a culture of spiritual bypass and it is all too easy to (try and) skip over the work of healing and coming into right-relation and go directly to becoming “enlightened”.

The Niños Santos are helpers for that healing journey. We have many medicine helpers and modalities so that we may enter the sacred process of healing; of letting go of our illnesses wether they be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Enlightenment was a fad that has allowed many people to get a brief glimpse of it, but it seems that the process of unraveling will always catch up. There is often much to be undone before we are able to sit with God and to Listen… and Enlightenment? Maybe someday, or just for a moment here and there